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Calcium Magnesium Zinc & Vit D

750ml Liquid

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Flora Calcium Magnesium formula is a combination of 2 essential minerals with Zinc and Vitamin D in a great tasting, easy-to-swallow liquid form for maximum assimilation and absorption. Calcium, the primary mineral responsible for stronger and healthy bones, has an important role in muscle contraction and nerve activities. Calcium and Magnesium, when combined with Vitamin D, are crucial in maintaining bone mineralization, supporting bone growth and reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. Zinc is also added for its essential role in regulating proper cell growth and division. Flora uses superior elemental Calcium and Magnesium to deliver the maximum absorption of the nutrients in the small intestine. Please note: Free shipping within Canada is not available for this item.

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Osteoporosis prevention is not just for the elderly. It starts really young before birth, actually, the quality of a mother's diet affects the baby's bones and continues throughout childhood. Bone loss begins in your 30's or earlier if you are not careful about preserving bone density.
Salus Calcium Magnesium Zinc & Vitamin D can improve bone strength throughout adulthood, and even during pregnancy and menopause by helping to preserve bone mass.


  • A factor in the maintenance of good health.
  • Helps in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth.
  • Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Helps the body to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function.
Each tablespoon (15mL) Contains:
Magnesium (gluconate dihydrate and citrate)|93.0mg
Calcium (gluconate and lactate)|77.3mg
Zinc (citrate)|1.75mg
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)|102 I.U.(2.55μg)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Aqueous extracts of hibiscus, chamomile, fennel, spinach, juices of orange and mango, fructose, natural passionfruit flavour, locust bean gum and water.
Shake bottle gently before use. A measuring cup is provided.
Adults: Take 30mL (2 tablespoons) once daily before meals.
Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.
Do not contaminate the product by drinking directly from the bottle.
To preserve the product and prevent its fermentation, keep refrigerated at all times after opening and consume within 4 weeks.
Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Zinc supplementation can cause a copper deficiency. Consult a health care practitioner if you are unsure whether you are taking adequate copper.
Do not use if you are sensitive to Anethole or Matricaria or if you have an allergy to Asteraceae/Compositae/Daisy family.
Reid, Ian R., et al. "Effect of calcium supplementation on bone loss in postmenopausal women." New England journal of medicine 328.7 (1993): 460-464.http://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJM199302183280702
Gennari, C. "Calcium and vitamin D nutrition and bone disease of the elderly." Public health nutrition 4.2b (2001): 547-559.http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S136898000100146X

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