Our Loyalty Program

Earn Points

With every dollar you spend, you earn loyalty points. It's that simple! The more you shop, the more points you accumulate.

Redeem Points

You can redeem your points in our store or online. If you prefer shopping online, you can convert your points into a Gift Card that can be used at checkout.

VIP & Super VIP Status

Save your points to upgrade your membership status and enjoy more benefits.

  • Accumulate 3000 points to become a VIP member and get an additional 5% off on Grand Health or Living Alchemy products.
  • Save up to 5000 points to become a Super VIP member and enjoy an additional 10% off on these products.

Maintain Your Status

To maintain your VIP or Super VIP status, make sure to make a purchase (online or in-store) at least once per year. If a 12-month period passes without a purchase, your account status will be downgraded based on your current points.

  • Super VIP status will be downgraded to VIP if your balance is between 3000 and 4999 points.
  • Super VIP & VIP status will be downgraded to regular members if your balance is less than 3000 points.

Remember, your status change doesn't mean you lose your points. You can still spend them as you wish!

Nature's Essence reserves the right to alter, modify, or terminate the program and/or its terms without prior notice to you. Nature's Essence holds the right to make the final decision regarding the program. Any changes or necessary measures for the program, as announced by Nature's Essence and posted on the website, shall take precedence.